Apologies, Update Update, Flimsy Bradbury Reference

I must apologize to those sitting at home in suspense yesterday, palms sweaty, brow furled, wearing out the refresh button on their browser waiting in suspense for the next installment of posts from HTTASocks.

I am very sorry. I’m still trying to figure out a schedule that complies with/optimizes how I work best.


Should I post daily? No, I shouldn’t set a standard that I know from experience has been über difficult for me to keep.

Should I change the secondary weekly post day from Thursday to Friday? No, That would throw off the symmetry.

Should I just say I’ll update “twice weekly?” Perhaps, but that’s just inviting procrastination.


For now, I’ll just stick to my guns and see if I can make Tuesday/Thursday Updates work.

Bear with me for now, and enjoy the following posts meant for yesterday today – yesterday’s tomorrow.


Baby Blogger

I have come to realize today how much HTTASocks is still in its infancy. I’d really like to expand its reaches into other sectors of the blogosphere. So if you think you have a taste of where my interests lie, I’d welcome recommendations for blogs I can follow.

Also, I’m not entirely sure about reblogging etiquette — how frequently I should do it, how much I should comment, etc. This blog will still be primarily original content, but I do come across so many interesting things on the internets.

Thanks for reading,

PS: Feel free to follow, subscribe, friend, or whatever we are supposed to do on here. New content every Tuesday and Thursday.

Training Wheels

Layout locked in.

Existing entries categorized.

Various entries in draft-mode.

Vague sense of direction established.

Time to launch this puppy.

My dear readers (Jenn, I believe that’s just you so far), thank you for bearing with me. You can now expect new content every Tuesday and Thursday. Also check out the new content up top.