About the Blog

“Here’s the thing about socks: I feel like they don’t always have to match in color or pattern, but I prefer them to match in brand and cut.” – declared to a friend mid-verse as I was singing a now-forgotten song loudly and obnoxiously on the way to my car.

“Here’s the Thing About Socks” is a name I chose to reflect the multiplicity of my thoughts at any singular point in time – which is a more flattering way to refer to the alarming disarray of the place where I produce, process, and throw about my thinky stuff. Be not fooled however; it only seems haphazard. There is a logical process and pattern to my thoughts. For a large part of the time I understand what’s going on. Some of the time, the chaos is even intentional.

Since this will be a decidedly personal event-logging/interest-sharing/idea-generating blog, giving it any particular direction or sense would likely be futile, it might possibly even be detrimental to my creative process.

Think of this blog as a vessel – sailing ship, starship, TARDIS even – setting out to explore the ever changing planes of thought that exist in my mind (and related SFW internet surfing). We will be stopping as we like, wherever we come across something that perks interest, spurs curiosity, or garners itself worthy of note or further prodding. Help me untie thought-strings that have oscillated themselves into a fine mess. Join me as I flesh out clouds of theory. Observe as I iron out personal philosophies. Hand me the whisk attachment as I document particularly delicious home-made desserts. Make appropriate faces at your computer screen as I chronicle adventures IRL. There will be pictures, video, maybe snacks.

Here’s at least one unifying factor: I hope you will find all my posts to be interesting and thoughtful. This isn’t Facebook after all.

Expect new content every Tuesday and Thursday (subject to change).

Welcome aboard! Bear with me…


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