Adventures in Bargaining

Hello ‘Pressers. And now for a word from the job-hunt front:

I believe last you heard, I was preparing to take on a full-time position as a social media marketing/PR coordinator. An emerging brand of home and kitchen appliances brought me on to create and coordinate their online campaign, handle customer PR, and appear at trade show events with some integrated sales.

After the one-month trial run, I sat down with the owner to discuss permanent, full-time employment. Here’s the deal: they wanted a dedicated 40 hours a week for an “insultingly low” salary (as my friend put it) with no benefits or stock options at that time or in the foreseeable future. The owner would not budge on the rate or the hours, so I had to decline, but not after having my work ability questioned.

I shouldn’t have let it shake me as much as it did. It took way too much time to realize I was way too good for that – getting paid next-to-nothing to work for a company with a vague idea of what they’re selling and shoddy marketing strategy where I was the best English-speaker. Had I remained with the company, I would have had busted my ass to create a convincing image of quality and style with little to no recognition or compensation.

A wise man told me to never work for free. I had to re-evaluate my basic worth as an employee and I am no bargain-basement monkey-for-hire.


Two-Minute Tuesday/Mash-Up Monday

Music has always and will always be a huge part of my life, although it has been sadly missing lately.

But I’m back at it. Figured the “2min Mash-up” Project would be fun to do for a bit. So enjoy the first official installment (preview if I decide to re-record).

Here’s the thing about pooping… Bear with me.

A dear friend once told me, “If you have to poop, you shouldn’t hold it in; it’s not good for your body. You would literally be full of shit. I don’t like people who are full of shit.”

She stated it quite elegantly considering the situational context was not quite as elegant. Those wise words have stuck with me since.

I have been brooding in self-doubt and paralyzed by anxiety for the past month and a half. Finally ready to let go and take that shit.

I could go on, but I fear I have said too much. Until next Wednesday, ‘Pressers!