Here’s the thing about Cliff’s Notes

I have left my blog in a sad, lonely state as of late and I have no excuse for such blatant neglect. Life as of late has been rather hectic, not that I should let that be an excuse. Let’s get you up to speed quickly:


  • The company that hired me as an independent contractor to set up their social media sent me to a trade show in Vegas. They now want to bring me on full-time to basically handle all digital marketing.


  • I’m still trying to do what I can for JEMA Star Entertainment as well. This has become more of a passion project.


  • I completed my AutoCAD course and now my proficiency is AutoDesk certified. I will be updating my LinkedIn as well as creating yet another portfolio of my CADwork. I’ll see if I can pick up some work as a freelance CAD-monkey.


  • My parents’ divorce was finalized (for the most part) yesterday. It’s definitely a move for the better for each of us individually, but there’s still an ache whenever I think about it. Details, details, we’ll spare for now.


So the past few weeks have been up and down. I may have legitimate reasons for not updating, but I will not allow these to be excuses.

This blog isn’t designed to be a venue to share all aspects of my life, but I made a commitment to providing my readers with new and interesting and original content twice a week. And if not for you, my dear readers, then I should at least make the commitment for myself.

I refuse to let this blog devolve into monthly Cliff’s Notes of my personal life. Here’s the thing about Cliff’s Notes: they get the point across but are never an adequate alternative for the book, the adventure, the story as it’s meant to be told.

And if I expect anyone to read/listen to my story, I (of all people) have to believe that my story will be one that is meant to be told.

‘Press on, ‘Pressers.