Here’s the thing about forks…

“Two steps forward, one step back” is an age-old idea I can’t say I have ever really practiced until recently. I found myself walking towards an end I simply did not want. Whatever was left of my heart was battered and broken. I found my reasons to continue on this road flawed and flimsy, but they were sill reasons to move forward. It was only a matter of time before I became complacent, and while I still may have found some happiness and fulfillment in the end, I had left another path virgin, unexplored – undoubtedly treacherous but potentially so much more.

It took months to realize that it was still within my power to go back to the last fork in the road, and still more months before i mustered up the strength and courage to turn back. These were months of family turbulence, depression, and desperation.

So here I am, having taken the first few steps on this new trail – scared and scarred, but healing. I hope and pray I have been wise and will continue to be wise with my decisions. You can only do this so many times in your life – at least at this magnitude.

I have a handful of creative projects on the table and an interview on Monday to become a social media marketing coordinator. Wish me luck, ‘Pressers.

And goodnight.


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