Self-Affirmation: Excuse me as I Stroke my Ego

Applying for jobs can be pretty disheartening when every rejection essentially means either (a) you weren’t good enough for the position, or (b) there was someone better than you. After recently taking stock of my abilities and goals, I realized that I’m kind of awesome — but I need to believe so if I expect to convince anyone else. So here’s the breakdown:

I graduated with my BS in Civil Engineering from Loyola Marymount University in 4 years – a field some take 5 or 6 years to complete.

I did so while also being fully-immersed in theatre and performance art with leading roles in some productions.

I passed the FE/EIT Exam on my first try with no prep classes. (I went to ONE day of ONE class and rightly deemed it a waste of time.)

I’m currently getting certified as an AutoCAD Technician and will likely finish the course a full week sooner than most of my classmates.

I think creatively. I write effectively. I connect with new people easily and broadly.

I can act, sing, juggle, play the piano and solve ordered differential equations. I can bake pies and build coffee tables from scratch. I can make people laugh. I can rock a spreadsheet. I often ponder the theories of non-linear time travel in Doctor Who and quote lines from Community. I can clear 40 lines in less than 1:00.00 playing Tetris. I rock climb.

I’m clever. I’m interesting. I’m a generally good person.

There SHOULD be something out there for me. I figure I have a better chance of finding it if I go out there and look versus keeping my head up my own ass.

Yes, I’m kind of awesome, and you and I had better believe it.


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