Blind Date with a Book

As someone who used to break out into a heavy sweat trying to figure out my next read, I absolutely love this clever concept: Blind Date with a Book. (More info after the jump. Thank you, ThinkGeek for your Facebook Timeline post.)

I’ve always thought that starting a book was a bit of a commitment – once you’ve broken the binding, you’ve forged the bond. Too many times have I left Borders (RIP) empty-handed because I would get too frustrated with my own inability to decide on a new adventure. That’s why I used to exclusively read short-story anthologies and magazines.

I am going to have to look into this program. I expect to see more of it popping up in local libraries. I love how it echoes real life in that you don’t get to choose the adventure, you just have to choose to begin.

I’m not sure if anyone’s used that or similar as a tagline for the program, but someone should…

You don’t get to choose the adventure; you just have to choose to begin.

That reminds me, I have a couple of adventures I must get back to. Wisps of connections are starting to form in Cloud Atlas, and a computer program is about to gain sentience in A Working Theory of Love. I should catch up with Arthur Dent too. See you guys at lunch.


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