In telling my friends and family about my audition for MAKE Mag’s TV project, this question has popped up dozens of times. Up ’til now I’ve taken the term for granted. The idea of “making” is kind of implicit, but trying to describe it as a modern-day cultural movement is a completely different story and you realize how young it really is. I think the maker movement as we know it now was really “born” once it was given a name. This article sheds some light on its origins.

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Young Pro Maker

We get asked this question all the time. Implicit is usually a hint of “I don’t get it. What’s the big deal?” The superficial answer seems absurd. “Making is the act of creating something.” It’s been around forever. It’s not new. And yet I’m excited about it. There’s a movement about it. There’s talk of it changing the world. Why is this so?

At the lowest level “making” is something primal. We need to make and in making there’s a great sense of satisfaction. Moving up the making hierarchy has historically required the grand pre-requisite of acquiring skills. We start off with amateurish work. With time and lots of practice we gradually improve. Eventually, with the guidance of skilled mentors we achieve a measure of expertise and become true craftsmen. People are creative. People want to make. However skills acquisition has been a huge barrier. That’s changing.

Computers and the internet…

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