I have always been fascinated by joinery (I file it among interests like small containers, locking mechanisms, book-binding and decorative knots). There’s a kind of elegance and sense of nostalgia. I’ve always wished for better exposure to tools and methods.

I love the joints in this article. It’s like the elaborate puzzles of traditional Japanese joinery meets modern-day Ikean practicality and technology. Oh to play with a CNC machine for a day!

Also I got a little excited to see Gregg Fleishman’s chair mentioned in this article. I had the privilege to play around in his gallery in Culver City, CA. He has some really amazing pieces that include furniture like the Nebula II chair, an adult-sized toy car built in similar fashion and kid-sized playhouses next to their scaled miniature prototypes. He didn’t say much but seemed welcoming and let my friend and I play with some modular building toys he had laid out. Every time I pass by his gallery, he has some new creation in his windows.

Looks like I’ve found tonight’s topic of curiosity-fueled research. Let’s start at the original CNC Panel Joinery Notebook here: http://blog.makezine.com/2012/04/13/cnc-panel-joinery-notebook/


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