My Audition (in progress) for MAKE Mag on TV

I must document/comment on this major life event while its outcome is still in flux.

(TL;DNR: I auditioned to host a MAKE Magazine TV project. Proceed to § 2.)

§ 1

Two weeks ago, MAKE Magazine editor-in-chief and founder of Mark Frauenfelder posted an invitation for makers to audition to become host of a MAKE Mag TV project. Not having kept up with Boing Boing recently, I came across his post nearly a full week later.

In a mad rush, I hastily shot and cut together a 90-second submission video, set up a gallery of my projects, and composed an overtly desperate letter to Mark. The frenzy lasted 12 straight hours (one sleepless night) from start to “Send.”

I spent the weekend frequently checking my inbox on my phone, constantly scrutinizing my submission video in my head, and tentatively trying to keep my hopes afloat.

On Monday I was on the phone with my friend Jenn when I received an e-mail from casting at Authentic Entertainment. I read the e-mail aloud and at realizing it was a positive response, I immediately decided to test the structural integrity of my home-made bed frame (i.e. jumping wildly all over it). I set up my Skype audition/interview for the next day, Tuesday afternoon.

I can’t say my performance was spectacular, but I think it was solid. They said that I had a good speaking voice, that I was the only one so far to show them examples of my work, and that the only thing that might hold me back was my lack of hosting experience (if only I had emphasized my acting/performing/emceeing). I’m hoping and praying it was enough. I should hear back from them within the next couple of weeks.

For now, I wait. For now, I blog; because for now, it could be anything.

§ 2

I have never before come across an opportunity that combines so perfectly my right- and left-side braininess and I have never wanted a job more. I would get to travel the country. I would get to meet backyard innovators and artists. And yes, I would get to be on TV. I would be able to combine my technical background with my performance background and not have to sacrifice one for the other. I would essentially get to geek out to the max. I would get to be myself!

I know that there is a good chance I will not be successful in this, but I honestly think there is also a very good chance that I will. For now, while the cat is both dead and alive, I’m going to enjoy the prospect of the best possible outcome and how close I am to it in this moment.


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