I’m a guest writer on my friend’s blog and I just wrote an entry about a neat project of hers to find and document the daily moments of plain ol’ good-ness.

Good Rain

For most of us, we are often haunted by the spirits of bad memories, vividly recalling every embarrassing or horrible detail of a relatively minor life event that happened months or even years ago. (Related: Screw you, 3rd-grade Shirley Kline!*) The good or positive moments of comparable magnitude are often easily-forgotten and hard to recall.

A few months ago, Jenn started a personal project to document some of those fleeting moments as they happen from day to day. I call it her “Journal of Good.” Sometimes I call it her “Good Diary.” Usually we just refer to it as her notebook. There was not a lot of pomp and circumstance surrounding it; the project did not start out as a momentous quest to find the goodness in all things; it was just an exercise in positive thinking she decided to start doing one day and has been since.

The idea…

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